Purpose Statement

Photo of owner - RachelleThe purpose of Street of Dreams Dance & Fitness studio is much like my own personal purpose in life, which is to teach and to touch as many lives as I can through inspiration and teaching dance . It is actually a safe nurturing environment focused on something for everyone in the family. It provides not only dance for all ages and levels but also group fitness, Pilates & Yoga classes/privates, Massage therapy, Birthday Parties, Dream coaching classes, even planning the perfect wedding dance. Through an amazing experienced faculty, the SOD team will provide eduction,technique and motivation to help everyone who enters the door an opportunity to be the best they can be. It is something real that provides them with the means to not only dream, but to turn their dreams into reality. Street of Dreams teaches its students the path to achieving goals in dance, versus just setting goals. Street of Dreams also functions as a place for the youth of today to come and take a detour from life’s insecurities, peer pressures, and challenges of growing up. It is a place that creates opportunity for its students to discover new avenues for their future ahead, not just in dance, but also in life.

Rachelle Ochsner,
Founder Street of Dreams Dance Studio