Dear Street of Dreams Families,

What a whirlwind the last week has been for families, schools, community leaders and local businesses. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve on a daily basis, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide clarity and share some exciting updates.

We want to thank everyone who has reached out by way of email, text, direct messages and calls to offer support. Your partnership at this time, more than ever, is so appreciated. As you know, SOD is on a make-up credit week currently and an moved up spring break next week. Every one of the More Than Just Great Dancing® Affiliated Dance Studios around the world are now closed as well.

After time to process and pray, we are at peace (and even excited!) about the plan we are developing to finish our season STRONG!

Street of Dreams "Finish Strong" Campaign:

This week, our faculty was working very hard on pre-recorded dance classes/choreography and preparing resources for your time at home. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our dreamers their classes online! Just like schools and e-learning have taken place, we have set the same format to bring them dance! We know they will be missing their favorite teachers just like we have been missing our favorite dreamers! So, we won’t let our dreamers down and will continue to do what we love, teach them to be the best they can be and rise above any situation, TOGETHER!

Currently, we have two tuition periods left (April 19th & May 17th) which is 11 weeks of service delivery to complete. SOD relies on enrollment and tuition in order to honor all of its commitments to staff and teachers, employee benefits and other community small businesses. We are committed to fulfilling our promises to your dreamers and to our employees as well. Thank you for your continued support as we continue to bring you the best opportunities and inspiration. As we stated in our video, we have plenty of learning to do and even an all- access pass to all the other classes as well just until we get back into the studio.

Over the next few weeks, our new virtual learning platform will offer a variety of recorded and live stream classes, PLUS a ton of amazing bonus material to keep kids happy, healthy and safe while we wait for things to bounce back in our community.  We will be in constant contact with our dreamers and make sure we are there for them!

Many dance studios in our organization have already started virtual classes this week and the users are RAVING! Parents have been grateful for the break in the monotony of being isolated at home and the kids have been thrilled to see their teachers again.  Kids NEED normalcy and access to the things that bring them JOY and PASSION now more than ever. They need to be active, engage their minds and connect with their teachers and dancers. We are committed to making that possible! Each week we will be adding more choreography just as we would if we would be at the studio; so make sure you are taking class and learning your routines. We will be able to see who is in their classrooms and watching! There are plenty of warm-ups, lessons, choreography to learn before we return back to the studio and get ready for our big show at the end of the season; we will all be extra excited for a celebration! So, now create your new dance space at home, clear your area, and be extra careful before you do your moves!

Thank you all in advance for continuing to allow us to teach and inspire your dreamers. We are truly missing them and the studio; we just need to have faith and BELIEVE we will be back soon! Remember, we can do anything together!

We are so grateful for your support always and especially NOW.  Your commitment to helping your dreamers and the teachers finish strong (and safe!) is so appreciated! The next weeks truly are going to be "More Than Just Great Dancing!"

With appreciation,
Rachelle Ochsner & Street of Dreams Faculty

Please let us know if you have any questions